Car rental in Rome

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Car rental in Rome

Interested Car Rental in Rome? Find out more about car hire with Europcar in Ukraine and worldwide!

Car rental in Rome. Conditions of car rental in Rome with Europcar!

Why choose Europcar?

  • Only new rental cars
  • No hidden charges
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • 24/7 service in most major airports
  • Flight delayed? We'll wait for you

Terms and conditions

  • Online rate for car rental in Rome include:
  • VAT: 21%
  • Basic insurance
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Airport surcharge
  • 24/7 support on the road
  • Minimum age of a driver at the time of car rental in Rome is 25 years (from 18 to 24 pay for the additional service 'young driver';
  • The cost of 'young driver' is 15 EUR / day + VAT and a maximum of 225 EUR EUR / day + VAT per rental;
  • Driving: at least 1 year;
  • When renting a car in Rome Category FDAR, FDMR, FSMR, FWMR, PDAR, PFAR, PWAR (or other auto premium) must be provided as a guarantee or two credit cards Amex Gold / Platinum, Centurion (black), Visa Gold / Platinum, MasterCard Gold;
  • When renting a car in Rome Category LFAR, LXAR, XXAR and XTMR (or other luxury car class) must be provided as a guarantee or two credit cards Amex Gold / Platinum, Centurion (black), Visa Gold / Platinum, Mastercard Gold;
  • Additionally, at the time of renting a car in Rome, your credit card will be blocked by the amount of the deposit, which will be immediately unlocked for prompt return of the car without damage and with a full tank.
  • There is no fixed deposit, the deposit depends on the category of car and the amount of rent;
  • Payment only by credit card;
  • Our car is forbidden to transport on ferries;
  • You can travel to other countries, with the exception of Eastern Europe (except for Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary);
  • Departure is permitted only on the following categories of cars: EBMR, EDMR, CDMR, CWMR, IDMR, IWMR, IVMR, FVMR, SVMR (NO VOLKSWAGEN BMW and Mercedes).
  • Additional services: Baby seats, snow chains, ski racks and GPS can be ordered online at the time of booking car rental in Milan.
  • Also, you should know:
  • Europcar is a partner of many airlines and hotel chains. Every time you rent a car with Europcar you can earn miles program: Miles & More, Air France / KLM - Flying Blue, Delta Skymiles, AirBerlin Top Bonus, Turkish Airlines, Hilton HHonors, and many others. To earn miles, select the program and specify the number of your membership card at the 3rd step of the booking.
  • To get low rates for car rental in Rome, book in advance, as soon as knew travel dates. To be able to choose from a wide selection, booking a car at least 10 days before the start of the lease. Especially for vehicles with automatic transmission.
  • We advise to book a car directly from Europcar website, and not on the site facilitator, because only when you order a car directly you are guaranteed to get the ordered group of cars. And if you have additional questions Europcar reservation department will provide you with complete information in the shortest possible time.
  • When booking a car in Rome, Europcar confirms only cars category and transmission. That is, ordering a compact car with automatic transmission you will get a car for 4 people, with 'automatic' without reference to the model.
  • You will get a car with a full tank of fuel, and you need to return, as well, with a full tank. Also you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a full tank of fuel at a good price. This is useful if you are renting a car for a business trip, as the cost of fuel can be included in the lease agreement, this reducing the number of accounting documents for your accounting department.
  • Before renting please check a car, be possible to photograph the damages and make sure that they are marked in rental agreement.
  • If you make prepaid booking via Europcar web-site, you must provide the same card for the deposit.
  • Rome is one of the largest and most beautiful cities, economic, political and cultural center, not only in Italy but throughout Europe.
  • This city - a collection of a great many world-famous attractions that are within easy reach of each other.
  • The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, Piazza Venezia, the Mausoleum of Augustus, Margani Tower is one of the many Roman attractions. Gathering in Rome better stock up on a pair of comfortable shoes because all of Rome on foot in order to get a better feel the unique spirit of the 'Eternal City'.
  • If you do not want to get tired of walking, the perfect option for you to take advantage of Europcar - rent a car in Rome.
  • Residents of the city are very friendly and responsive, but at the same time and emotional, so you have to respectfully refer to the foundations and traditions of Rome.
  • Not all of the residents and the working of banks and cultural institutions can speak foreign languages, so the presence of the dictionary will provide you with a relaxing stay.
  • City Life begins at about 9.00 am and ends at 19.00 on weekdays, weekends, and the closure can wait.
  • The schedule defines each owner yourself because life in Rome is calm and measured.
  • Do not forget about the siesta - siesta, which has become a must everyday ritual. Need to specify in advance the time of your siesta in the store, as well as the time it ranges from 12.00 to 16.00, depending on the personal order of the day Roman - owner.
  • Traditional Italian dishes - pizza and spaghetti, you can enjoy in any establishment catering in Rome. Streets are full of small cafés that offer a menu of Italian dishes for national democratic price. Also in Rome, there are restaurants and a gourmet delight that many delicacies.
  • At 35 km from Rome to Fiumicino is the largest airport in Italy - Leonardo da Vinci airport.
  • Airport consists of three terminals.
  • Flights to Ukraine pass through the terminal T3, they are carried out by Ukraine International Airlines to Kiev Borispol and Lions.
  • Get to Rome and from the airport can be a special electric train Leonardo Express, a special bus company Cotral, by taxi or by rented bus.
  • The company Europcar offers car hire in Rome, and will gladly help you get a lot of unforgettable emotions in this city.
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