Rent a Car in Spain. Europcar offers car rental services in Spain in more than 350 locations, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. Spain is the most popular destination among Europeans for summer holidays, because the country has a large number of both international and local car rental companies. Europcar offers only new cars, in age of 6 months. Car Rental in Spain - is a great opportunity to travel its own route to get to the little beaches, visit the Pyrenees, to enjoy local cuisine: jamon, paella and a variety of tapas, which are as known are the most delicious in small towns, away from the tourist centers. Rent a Car in Europcar Spain is a guarantee of European service. Therefore, if you want to see more during your holiday in Spain, book car in Spain with Europcar. If you have questions, please call us: 044 220 35 00



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Do you need a break? Spain is always a great option for holidays, whatever the season. In addition, and only during this winter, we offer you the opportunity to book your car up to 20% off. Just worry about enjoying with your family, partner or friends before it's too late.

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Car rental in Madrid

 with Europcar

Car rental in Madrid. Conditions of car rental in Madrid with Europcar!

Car rental in Gerona

 with Europcar

Car rental in Gerona. Conditions of car rental in Gerona with Europcar!

Car rental in Tenerife

 with Europcar

Car rental in Tenerife. Conditions of car rental in Tenerife with Europcar!

Car rental in Valencia

 with Europcar

The largest selection of car rental in Valencia from Europcar!

Car rental in Barcelona

 with Europcar

Car rental in Barcelona. Conditions of car rental in Barcelona with Europcar!

Car rental in Mallorca

 with Europcar

Car rental in Mallorca. Conditions of car rental in Mallorca with Europcar!

Car rental in Malaga

 with Europcar

Car rental in Malaga. Conditions of car rental in Malaga with Europcar!

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