Arenda avto v Odesse

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Arenda avto v Odesse

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  • On the Black Sea is the southern capital of Ukraine - Odessa.
  • This beautiful city is also called the pearl of the sea and the Odessa-mother.
  • In Odessa widely intertwined cultural, linguistic shopping centers of different peoples, which is full of this sunny city.
  • The city has many cultural and historical monuments and sites, among them, the most famous Potemkin Stairs, Opera and seaside boulevard.
  • Visit all the sights in one day is almost impossible, taking a car rental in Odessa, you simplify the task itself and comfortably visit most places of this beautiful city.
  • The city is the Museum of Archaeology, which is the first such museum in the history of the Russian Empire.
  • In the archives of the museum, in the so-called 'Golden Treasury' presents ancient artifacts, coins, jewelry, among which the first Slavic coins with trizubtsa times of Prince Vladimir, who baptized in 988 Kievan Rus.
  • In Odessa, a very bright color is represented by southern Ukraine, to experience the culture of the capital of humor and a ride on the Black Sea coast, you can rent a car in Odessa.
  • For many years, Odessa is the capital of humor thanks to an indescribable atmosphere and the people of the city.
  • Every year in Odessa international festival Humor.
  • Car rental in Odessa - is an excellent option to visit all the interesting places inexpensive.
  • Talking about Odessa not to mention the beautiful beaches that night live a different life, thanks to the numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs.
  • One of the most popular places among the lovers of night life, is Arcadia beach.
  • Welcome to Odessa!
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