Additional services — Europcar Ukraine.

Additional services and equipment are available at every Europcar location:

Navigation system


Portatable GPS has a detailed maps of Ukraine, easy-to use color touch screen and speaks 8 languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and includes pre-programmed Europcar locations throughout Ukraine.

The cost of rental is 12 EUR per day or maximum 60 EUR per rental.

Wi-Fi Router

Choose this service to get free internet access during your trip

The cost of wi-fi router rental is 6 EUR per day or 36 EUR per rental.

Infant and child seat


Having fasten your seat belts be sure your child is in comfort and secure possition.

Europcar rents Recaro infant and child seats which enable to travel with your children from 3 months old.

The cost of infant and child seat rental is 6 EUR per day or 36 EUR per rental.

Delivery and collection


As soon as you are in Ukraine you can rent a car in one of Europcar locations or ask to deliver a car to the place you need within the city limits.

You could also ask us to collect a car from you, which will help you to save your time.

Delivery or collection could be ordered by email or call center and costs 18 EUR per each.

One way rentals

Pick up a car at one Europcar location and return it in a another one, or with in city limits,

our drivers will be in time to pick up a car from you. Depending on distance one way rental fee starts from 24 EUR.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers other than the main driver can be added when you book a car online or at the Europcar location.

The additional driver must be present at the location togather with the main driver, and have to represent his/her driver's licence.

The additional driver option could be ordered for 6 EUR per day of 36 EUR per rental.

Additional Coverage


Basic Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection are already included in your rate (if other terms are not applied to your contracted rate).

For your peace of mind you could purchaise Super coverage that will decrease your responsibility to 0 in case of damage or theft.

Ask at the location, send us a letter or call us for your suitable coverage offer.

For more details, please contact us.

Prepaid Fuel


At Europcar all cars are rented with a full tank of petrol. Also, you have to return a car with a full tank.

If you would not like to refuel you rental car you could select Gasoline Option. With this service, you prepay the full tank at discounted fuel cost.

This option is useful when you are at the business trip and want all car rental and fuel expances to be shown in one invoice and do not want to wast time at gasoline station before you flight back home. 

After hours service


If you have an early or late arrival or departure, let us know in advance your flight number and we will wail for you.


The cost of after hours service is 24 EUR.

Call our reservations team: +38 044 220 35 00

Business center

Same smart app. More mobility.

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