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Europcar offers car rental services in over 150 countries in more than the 10,000 locations.

In Europe, Europcar - is the largest car rental company and provides services through the most extensive network of locations in airports, railway stations and cities.
We have useful information regarding car rental in Europe and the world.

1. What documents do I have to provide for receiving a car?

1. Valid Passport.

2. Valid International Driving License.

3. Valid Credit Cards (in some countries, for luxury and premium cars may ask you to provide two banking cards). Europcar accepts all valid Credit Cards except Electron/Maestro.

2. What is the minimum driver age to rent a car abroad?

As usually, driver must be more than 23 years old and with driving experience more than 2 years. But age of a drivers and driving experience can be different in some countries. For detail information please contact us.

3. Deposit and its size.

In addition to the rental cost, on your credit card deposit is blocked from 500 to 1200 Euro, depending on the class of car, it will be unlocked at the day of drop-off and return to you card within 30 days of the return of a car, in the absence of new damages and return a car with a full tank.

Deposit amounts are different in all countries, that is why for detail information please contact us.

4. When is better to book a car?

Book in advance, as soon as decided on travel dates, the earlier book a car, the greater choice and lower prices. Advisable to book a car through the site Europcar. After you complete your reservation, you will be given a confirmation code of booking, and your car will be waiting for you at the desired location in the specified time. Prices on Europcar always lower than the price offered for rental on site for customers without pre-booking.

5. Does Europcar confirm model of a car?

Car rental company verifying the car grouf and the type of gear, and do not support the model of a car.

If at time of pick-up location willn't have booked cars group - you receive higher group with same price as in reservation.

6. Can I cross a border on a car?

If you rent a car in one of the countries of the Schengen area, you will be able to travel to the countries of the country group. In this case, possible restrictions on travel to the island (car ferry transportation), and individual countries or regions (southern Italy and others). When you receive a car check on limiting your manager on location.

7. Can I rent additional equipment?

Europcar offers a wide range of additional services: GPS navigator, baby seat, snow chains, ski rack, additional insurance with zero deductible, the option of prepaid fuel tank.

These services can be ordered when booking a car online or purchase at the location before getting a car.

8. Is the fuel in the rent a car?

You will get a car with a full tank of fuel, and you need to return, as well, with a full tank. In this case, you will be offered the opportunity to buy the fuel tank at a bargain price. This is useful if you are renting a car for a business trip, as the cost of fuel can be included in the lease agreement, thus reducing the number of accounting documents for your accounting department.

9. Is it possible to order the delivery of the car?

In some countries the car delivery service is available.

To order this service, you must submit a request to 3 business days to get a confirmation of the delivery capability.

10. How to return the car after hours?

These data should be specified at the front when car.

Usually locations have a special parking with key-boxes.

11. What insurance does standard rate includes?
It is an insurance, which assumes financial liability of the customer in case of an accident or theft, limited by his franchise.

For additional fee you can reduce your liability to 0 at time of pick-up.

In case of any accident you should inform location where the car was rented and follow the instructions.
Upon receipt of a car be sure to find room clock support.

12. Does the Europcar has Loyalty Program for regular customers?

Europcar has a Loyalty Program for customers. After registration you will receive ID number. Please use this number to get benefits. More details you can find here

If you have any others questions by car rental, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Call our reservations team: +38 044 220 35 00

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